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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 24, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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incredible images out of the vatican. pope francis celebrating his first palm sunday. this was just moments ago. he walked along st. peter's carrying a palm. he greeted the faithful. continuing his image as the people's pope. >> all right, and also this morning, a sure sign of spring in new york city, the world-famous coney island reopens this morning. the big comeback for the amusement park and beach that was hard-hit by superstorm sa y sandy. we'll begin with the winter that just won't end. a spring snowstorm is moving its way across the east. abc's gio benitez is in the thick of it in hard-hit kansas city. but let's begin with ginger zee. i want to start with a look at why you can't drive in this type of snowstorm. look at this this is from the
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topeka, a highway sign completely caked in snow. close to 20 inches fell in colorado. a whole lot of snow. winter storm warnings stretch from kansas all of the way to pennsylvania. we want to check in with gio benitez who's in kansas city, a place i have been too often this winter. gio snshgs. >> reporter: you know, ginger who have been twice before, we know that kansas city has had a rough weather. now, with this third major snowstorm, lot of people are saying, it's a rough spring. ten states hit by a wicked snowstorm overnight. the huge storm ravaging the midwest, bringing cars to a screeching halt. worst hit, colorado, the state was pounded with snow, getting on average 8 to 10 inches more than other states. just outside denver, a massive, 50-car pileup on the highway in near whiteout conditions. and look at this. a tanker truck catching fire.
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highway workers warning everyone to stay off the roads. >> anyone trying to go to east, stay home. >> reporter: in kansas, this suv slid off the side of the road. now, the gulf coast is bracing for the wrath of the storm. some parts of the south are already seeing severe weather. high winds in florida where tree branches are torn apart like twigs. and in georgia, where heavy rain led to bad driving conditions. and, if you're thinking about those march madness games here in kansas city, we're told the games will go on. and ginger, i know you'll love this, i'm just thinking about that nice, warm studio right now. >> yeah, sorry i couldn't loan you the orange extreme weather
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jacket. let's talk timing. low-pressure system is creating all of the havoc there. it will move through st. louis, illinois, indiana. tonight, we talk about the east coast, the mid-atlantic. for parts of new jersey and new york. i do think a lot of it not is going to stick. wet, springtime snow that we see. the severe weather is targeting parts of the southeast. damaging wind and hail in that area. very heavy flooding rains possible as well. i'll be back in a couple of minutes for the nation's weather. well, now, to america's mul multi-multimillionaire. one ticket was sold last night for the $388 million jackpot.
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>> that winning ticket was sold. we know this, now, somewhere in new jersey. rob nelson is in border town this morning, there he is, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that's right. we're in a struck stop. they usually sell between $200 to $400. yesterday, they sold about $1,000 worth of powerball. we don't know if this is the store where the winning ticket was sold. somewhere in the garden state is waking up this morning able to afford a lot more gardens. >> 31. >> reporter: that was somebody's lucky number in new jersey. where one powerball player is waking up $338 million richer. >> and powerball. >> reporter: lottery frenzy has
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swept the country for days. saturday night, finally brought some relief. with $338 million on the line, more than 81 million tickets for this weekend's drawing was sold. the sixth biggest jackpot of all time. and $15 million was given out to winners in 12 states. >> it's a whole new range of possibilities. more possibilities than a you have ever had before. it's like christmas on steroids. >> she's the founder of sudden money institute. a phone call this winner may want to make. she helps families with life transition transitions with all of that cash. >> lot of expectations from friends and relatives. some families feel like we won the lottery. whereas it's you won the lottery. >> reporter: one relative who may be calling, uncle sam. with sequester calling.
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meanwhile, others have dreams a little closer to home. >> if you win -- >> oh, i'll buy me a big ole house. >> reporter: that's right, guys. a new home doesn't sound like a bad idea. the big question is, which store sold the winning ticket? we expect to get a few details on monday when lottery officials hold a press concerns. as someone who's raised in southern new jersey, i want to take a second out, friends and families, who may have gotten that winning ticket, how much i love you. >> ron, thank you very much. now to the legal drama, new
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one for amanda knox, the american college student convictconvict ed -- charged with killing her roommate in italy, but acquitted. abc's nick schifrin is in london. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this could be the final chapter in knox's long, legal saga. knox anxiously awaits the verdict. this morning, an exclusive picture of amanda knox enjoying her freedom in seattle. she's back in class, spending time with her sisters and her boyfriend. but all of that could change starting tomorrow. the italian supreme court will hold the final hearing in her almost six-year case. justice will decide whether a lower court were okay in overturning her conviction. just 18 months ago. >> why they were so sure i was the one who knew everything.
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>> both defendants have been acquitted by the charges. >> she's already endured three or four years in an italian prison, this murder charge continues to hang over her head. >> reporter: after the release of her knox and her former italian boyfriend raf fail sool soolecitto. >> the knox family said that it's not worried about monday's hearing. another example of harassment by the prosecution. >> peace of mind will occur if she wins on monday. then, the case is truly over. if she loses, the saga continues. >> reporter: if she wins, she'll never be tried again. if she loses, their case goes right back to court. this morning, knox's lawyers says that she's anxiously awaiting the verdict. knox has spent the last year writing her memoir. after taking writing classes,
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she hopes to make a living writing. >> amanda knox will be speaking for the first time in an abc news primetime special with diane sawyer at 10:00. a line has formed outside of the supreme court. people want to witness history, where the justices will take up gay marriage. let's welcome in george stephanopoulos. do court watchers think they the justices could legalize gay marriage? >> that's an option. i don't think that the experts believe that's the most likely option. they're considering two options. banning gay marriage in california. and the other is defensive marriage act which defines marriage at a federal level. what you're going to see a lot of focus on two justices, anthony kennedy and chief
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justice john roberts, they see the wave developing in support of gay marriage. we have seen that developing. it's moving quickly. what they're likely to do is create the space for states to make their own decisions. look at this clue from anthony kennedy from a speech this week, a democracy should not be dependent for its decisions on a nine from a legal background have to say. >> turning to another controversial issue and that's gun control, overnight, mayor bloomberg is going to be spending $12 million in new tv ads for tougher gun law and he'll target both democrats and republicans. the assault weapons ban that president obama had pushed all but dead in the senate, even though the president is going to push for a vote. this will come to the floor of the senate when they return from their two-week easter break in
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early april. the president will continue to push. but the real issue now, is whether or not, the senate will expand background checks for all purchases. those in gun shows and those from stores that sell guns. right now, it only applies to those are sold in stores. big fight over this right now, nra is not backing down. big show today, with face-off between jim mess seen yeah and karl rove that's on "this week.." let's check in with ron claiborne. secretary of state john kerry arrived in baghdad this morning on an unannounced visit. he's warning that the civil war in syria could threaten iraq's fragile stability. the pentagon has reached an
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important milestone, ending the u.s. presence in afghanistan. the bagram base to afghan. the transfer of power takes place tomorrow. pope francis called for people to be humble and young at heart during his first palm sunday mass at st. peter's square. he broke away from his prepared homily to tell the faipeople to lead faithful live. bodybuildering joe weider helped popularize bodybuilding. he introduced the world to a young austrian bodybuilder. arnold schwarzenegger. he said through a statement, through hard work we can all be champions. here's something that you don't see every day, a driver
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lost control of his car and wound up on his neighbor's roof. the passenger in the errant car, they came down a steep hill and couldn't slow down. a crane had to remove the car from the roof. finally, another big upset in the ncaa tournament. gonzaga became the first number one seed to be eliminated this year. they were shocked by wichita state. witch sta state previously beat pittsburgh, upset them. guess what their nickname is? shockers. this is their mascot. you know, i think this is not an accident that wichita state is winning this game. this is perhaps fate. all right, thanks, ron. ginger's weather may say
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differently. we have a sure sign of spring and more importantly of a sign of recovery following superstorm sandy. coney island opens for the first time. marsi, this has been a day from new yorkers to tourists have been waiting for. >> reporter: absolutely, bianna. there's a lot of work left to do. considering much of this area was under 5 feet of water months ago, this opening day celebration planned for today is not only exciting it's symbolic. the signs of the board walk of new york's coney island, now the anthem of a comeback. >> ready to rock 'n roll. >> reporter: a triumphant return to the high-flying greatness that has brought visitors here for more than a century. a far lane from the mess left behind when superstorm sandy
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ripped through here last october. >> when you see that debris, that's just unbelievable. >> reporter: the amusement park buried in sand. the electrical systems of rides, destroyed. >> we had the water up to here and the problem was, it wasn't regular water. >> reporter: it's a storm damaged story echoed. where rides were buried beneath six feet of water. the boardwalk ripped to pieces. these legendary beachside amusement parks are beating the odds. reopening on schedule today. >> we're resilient. we're resilient new yorkers. >> reporter: it took almost five months of hard work and millions of dollars. but, soon, the wooden blanks of the famous cyclone will rumble and the smell of nathan's famous
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hot dogs will fill the air. a celebration of so much more. >> our way of saying that new york made it through sandy. >> back to normalcy. >> and what a celebration on coney island be without a hot dog eating contest, today they are holding a qualifying match for the big contest on july 4th and dan, don't worry, i already signed you up. >> i feel vaguely nauseous already. >> hopefully by july 4th, it will be warmer a transition to weather. >> i assure you of that. i promise you warmer weather by may. we want to talk about the other part of the storm. we showed you the severe weather. what about the wind? it's creating fires. look at what happened yesterday around houston, brushfires burning all over the place.
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66 in las vegas. 74 in laredo. 66 in houston. an idea of what's happening everywhere, the snow in the center goes through st. louis, central illinois, central indiana. then, it's tomorrow when it gets sloppy on the east coast. that's the big picture. . >> how messed up is this? when i saw that twitter photo,
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it was ice. that's laguna beach, it's a wave. not ice. laguna beach, california. >> thank you, ginger. it may be cold in much of the country, but in miami, they are witnessing an extraordinary heat streak. burning up the sports world. >> lebron james and his miami heat haven't lost a game before the super bowl, winning 25 in a row. now, well, they're chasing history. here's abc's john schriffen. >> reporter: with georgetown getting stunned by florida gulf coast university, and number one seeded gonzaga getting knocked out overnight, the ncaa march madness tournament is almost defining reality. but over in the nba, the miami heat's dream team is doing what's expected of them. winning and winning and winning. >> oh, my!
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>> reporter: lebron james and company are flirting with nba history, winning 25 games in a row. >> we're not sitting here and saying that this is not something special. this is an unbelievable streak that we're on. >> reporter: they're trying to break the record set more than 40 records by the 1971-1972 los angeles lakers that played right here at their old home the forum. legends like wilt chamberlain, jerry west and pat riley helped that team win 33 games in a row. >> it's very difficult to win games over an extended period of time. even if you're playing againstlesser opponents. just the sheer amount of games that have to be won, the travel, the feeling. >> reporter: it certainly hasn't been easy. picking up wins in oklahoma city, atlanta, chicago, philadelphia, new york, minnesota, milwaukee, boston and
4:20 am
cleveland. so, can they do it? >> the miami heat an excellent chance of breaking the record. only a couple of teams stand in their way, the chicago bulls and the san antonio spurs. >> reporter: would anyone get in king james' way? well, look out below. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, los angeles. all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- not again. yet another sink hole opens up in a residential neighborhood. people are living on the edge this morning. wait until you hear where this is. the brush with death caught on camera, a great white gets inside a shark cage, two stunned divers and casting call. our ginger zee hits the stage for mickey, minnie and friends.
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talk about too close for comfort. caught on camera, two divers
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nearly attacked when a great white tore into their a shark carriage, this morning the man who took the video talks about the video. good morning, i'm bianna goal dreeg ja. >> it's sunday, march 24. also coming up on a happier note, we'll show you ginger zee like you have never seen her before. see what happens when she transforms herself into a cast member of disney live at madison square garden. she was a little bit nervous. also, aerial attack, wait until you see what happens to an unsuspecting cat that is caught very much offguard. it's coming up in "fixation." >> look at that. >> that's a great freeze frame. that's coming up in "fixation." we'll start here with an
4:29 am
unpleasant form of dejay vu. a dangerous sinkhole opening up in florida. >> maybe, our house next. >> reporter: caution tape up and neighbors on edge. another sink hole in florida. the second sinkhole in less than a month. 11-year-old gabrielle was standing with friends at an ice cream truck when she saw the 10 foot deep hole. after getting a closer look, she told her dad and the authorities rushed to the scene, haunted by last month's sinkhole tragedy.
4:30 am
>> a little bit scared and nervous. this is my house. >> reporter: fortunately, deadly sinkholes like the one last month is rare. our own gio benitez. >> a dozen of sinkholes a year, to occur right in the center of a home and to certainly injure or to kill somebody i have never heard about that happening before. >> reporter: in this latest case no one was hurt but it's clear the fear lingers. a small community on shaky ground. >> thank goodness no one was hurt this time. let's go back to ron for the other stories making headlines. in the news, at least one lucky person is waking up lot richer this morning, one winning ticket for the $338 million powerball jackpot was sold somewhere in new jersey. the winning numbers, 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and the powerball was 31.
4:31 am
money, though, will not buy you happiness. that's a @tdñfact. the man released from prison. david suffered a serious heart attack on his second day of freedom. an update of those girl scouts in portland, oregon, victims of a hoax, they thought they sold $24,000 of cookies to a company, they sold all of them. finally, tiger woods is in the lead and poised to become the top golfer in the world again, tiger holds a two-stroke lead heading into the final round of the arnold palmer invitational in orlando, florida, if he wins, which is probably likely. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> good morning, ron and everybody. we have to start out with a
4:32 am
rocky morning in parts of south georgia and the panhandle in florida. we got a targeted area for severe weather today that includes southern georgia and north florida. look at what happens yesterday. more than 100 reports of severe weather. hail is covering the ground and the driveway there with the heavy rain flooding through. on top of the severe weather the northern side is a this cold and snow. indianapolis is right in there that six-plus category. the mountains of west virginia, by the time it gets over to the coast, a mix of wet snow and rain, especially for the big coastal cities. we'll be watching that tonight and tomorrow. new york city, stays in the 40s for the most part. we're below average here. a look across the nation. for now, that's the big picture.
4:33 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by del monte. >> don't smile like you're off the hook, ginger. apparently, you had a little adventure of late. >> bianna was a cowgirl which was very cool. to be with the cast of disney live and dance in front of people. check it out. >> they've got at least eight inches this winter has been all about the snow. snow in minneapolis, snow in kansas city. snow, snow, still snowing here. and since spring has taken its sweet time to arrive. i decided to find an artificial sunshine. joining friends at madison square garden who were going to teach me to do that. i was going to join the cast of disney live. first stop, wardrobe.
4:34 am
>> i wanted to be arial. >> we'll start you here. >> reporter: the color is huge. >> that's beautiful on you. >> why don't you try this hand band. >> reporter: then it was time to hit the stage and learn from the stare choreographer. >> this is our awesome stage. >> reporter: you're going to teach me everything you need to know. but winding it up and clapping my hands, wasn't quite as easy as it seems. >> little bit quicker. five. >> reporter: next up, bring out the real pros. hi, everybody. and one last run-through before show time. >> here we go. >> five, six, seven. >> raise the roof. >> reporter: thank you, guys. good job. now, we're going to up to
4:35 am
wardrobe where i'll put on the final costume. i'm getting a little bit nervous. this is my outfit that i got to put on. and the bloomers. i head back down. almost time for the show. >> just smile big. >> reporter: excitement. before i knew it, i was on. i'm no pro but not bad rocking out and showing off my moves with mickey and the gang. as soon as it started it seemed it was over. awesome. thank you, minnie. thank you, mickey. >> that was great! >> roses. >> those people have traveled the world doing that show. it is very exciting. i want to thank them for being kind.
4:36 am
>> how many hours of rehearsal. >> one hour. >> that's it? >> you used to be a cheerleader? >> i yeah. >> raise the roof. jazz hands. she got it down. ginger, i'm continually impressed by you. coming up -- these guys went swimming with sharks. they thought that it was going to be safe. we'll hear from the man who shot this video. also, ahead, sneak attack, we'll show you what happens when a distracted cat lets down its guard. that's coming up in "fixation." a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm not an expert. as i understand it, the whole idea behind a shark cage it's supposed to keep the sharks out of the cage. >> you're right. it didn't work that way for two tourists staring into the jaws of a great white. the man who shot this video is talking about those frightening moments. >> reporter: it was the honeymoon that nearly turned
4:41 am
into a horror show, when a newlywed enters a shark cage off the coast of south africa, the great white doesn't stick to the script. >> whoa! >> reporter: watch again carefully. you can see the great white thrust its entire head inside the cage. ignoring food left for bait. it charges straight through the cage. the tourists recorded this newlywed meets shark video. >> i think he kind of joked, he was unsure that he was going to tell her what happened that day. >> reporter: look again. for a few terrifying seconds, the diver's fate is unknown. >> my heart definitely stopped. it's easy to assume the worst. >> reporter: cage diving is a popular tourist activity in the seas where sharks abound. but, how safe is it?
4:42 am
>> if the cage is sturdy, it's not dangerous. when it comes to feeding, any time you feed a wild animal there are risks. >> roger said that he did swim under. the viewing bar the area that you can look out, his instinct was to go down and avoid where the shark had access to. >> everyone is fine. we contacted that cage-diving company in south africa, they said in 16 years they have never seen anything like this. they'll be making their viewing gaps on their cages. my husband went cage diving in that exact same spot, he said that it was fun but he doesn't need to do it again. >> thank you, tanya coming up here only "good morning america" -- high school musical. "fixation" coming up after the break. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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♪ you're the obsession, you're my obsession ♪ time for "fixation" where as promised, ginger will wrestle an alligator. the video of two cats playing. one cat playing. can we see that again? whoa. >> so fast. >> do you think chivalry is dead? >> no. >> it's alive and well. i didn't get answer from you. in maryland, a high school student, by the name of bobby, he has been talking to sofia for six months, he wanted to ask her
4:48 am
to the prom. he decided to sing a song to her. first, she looks a little apprehensive. but, the music worked its magic. she says yes. and the rest is history. >> it's not dead. chivalry is not dead. well, i want to introduce to 9-year-old mckenzie wilson, she's quite an entrepreneur. she likes role-playing games. she said, no, i'm going to do. she helped with the website kick starter. she raised more than $20,000 to create her own role-playing game and let's talk to her about that right now. she skyping in from her home in maryland. hi. >> hi. >> congratulations to you. >> thanks. >> tell me about this role-playing game. >> well, it's kind of like where you get to have an adventure and
4:49 am
everything. it's fun. >> and your brother said that you couldn't do it. >> yeah. >> now, $20,000 later, what do you have to say to them? >> i proved them wrong! >> she's going to be a mark zuckerberg of the future. thank you so much for skyping in with us. good luck. >> thanks. >> all right. if there's a story, video you can't get enough of, tweet us. including this guy. >> ron claiborne. >> he ditched his pager. he's on twitter. ok..... chickadee, my chickadee? hmmmm aqua ocean? no. that's it! yes! let's go to lowe's. valspar signature hi-def has amazing quality. just one coat. i like it -- i just... you can't change color like we do. valspar has the love your color guarantee.
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>> good morning, everyone. it is 5:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm indicatety marzullo in for carolyn tyler. let's start off with a first quick look at the whether. here's lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. we are clear this morning. temperatures cool. here's a look from the roof camera. we will be looking at another nice day today. although changes are in store for the days ahead, today high pressure is still with us and we will look for numbers very similar with upper 50s at our coast to the lower 70s inland. in fact, a degree or two warmer this afternoon. but we are looking at increasing clouds, the possibility of rain which increases right on through the week. so we will come back and show you the seven-day outlook and gulf you those probabilities this a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. investigators in quantico, virginia have identified the three marines who died thursday in a murder-suicide. the shooter and one of the victims is from the bay area. 25-year-old sergeant lopez of
4:59 am
pacifica shot two co-workers before killing himself. in a statement his 81-year-old great grandfather the marines told us they were investigating more and that they would let us know. he wasn't the type to do stuff like that. we did contact lopez's family by phone in pacifica and they declined to offer any further comment. one of his victims 19-year-old lance cpl. sarah of oakley. her family asked us not to use any pictures of her and we are honoring that request. sergeant lopez was a machine gunner and instructor at the marine base. on thursday night inside one of the barracks they say he gunned down two people from then shot himself. acts have not given a motive. stay with abc7 news for any developments in this story. the chp is investigating a man's death on interstate 580 in oakland. he was hit by a
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